Willys Frame Rivet Bolt

Frame Rivet Replacement Bolt   $2.99  Item #03750

Application is to replace the frame rivets used in the early Willys jeeps.

  • Ford GPW
  • Willys MB
  • CJ2A
  • Others
  • Front Bumper Gussets
  • Rear Frame Crossmember
  • Body Mounts
  • Frame Crossmembers

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Brand new fresh stock.  High quality bolt to replace the rivets in a Ford GPW, Willys MB, CJ2A and others.

This high quality bolt is an alloy material and stronger than grade 5 or grade 8 bolts so this bolt can be used in the high strees areas like holding on a spring hanger or frame crossmember.  Also great for bumper gussets and rear crossmembers as well as body supports, etc.   This bolt has a head that is very similiar in appearance to the original rivets used on the early jeep frames.  The beauty of this bolt is that it has a hex socket in the head that allows you to tighten the nuts snuggly.  Once you have the bolt and nut tight enough for your application, you can fill the socket in with JB Weld or body filler.  You can use the filler to build up the head according to your liking.  It can be sanded down to look exactly like a rivet.

The advantage to this bolt is that it is not a one time use item like the break away bolts or bolts with no head socket that are available.  If you need to remove the bolt to make adjustments during restoration you cannot do that with the break away bolts or the bolts with no sockets in the head.  Also, if you need to replace a damaged item like a bumper in the future, you can dig the body filler out of the hex socket and remove the bolt.  With the other bolts on the market, you will have to grind them out like a rivet.

Most of us jeep guys do not have the tools or capacity to replace the frame rivets with actual rivets.  This is the best method I have found to replace rivets.  These bolts are strong for high stress areas and once the hex socket is filled in, will replicate a rivet’s appearance close enough to fool most everyone, including the jeep police at judging events.  I believe these could be used in a factory class restoration and go unnoticed.  I’ve used these and never had anyone call me out for not having an actual rivet in place.

Each bolt includes a flat washer, lock washer, and nut. The bolt is 3/4 inch long.  I have experimented with different lengths and have found this one to be the best length to fit through the frame and most items shuch as the bumper gussets and rear crossmember with enough threads to use the washers and nut.  The nuts are out of sight so they need no modifications once in place.  The bolts are the same diameter as an original rivet so no drilling should be required if installing where an original rivet had been used.

The rivet and bumper gusset shown in the pictures is not included.  It is show for comparison purposes only. 

Item #03750, Frame Rivet Bolt, $2.99 each.