Oil Filter Element NOS Military



Oil Filter Element NOS, $8.95, Item #P115.

Oil filter element correct for Willys MB, M38, M38A1, M170, Ford GPW, and Dodge M37. High Quality Made in USA.  This is correct for the military standard junior oil filter canisters.  This oil filter is NOS (new old stock) military surplus.  Each filter element comes packaged in a heavy duty box with a military part number on the box.  Each filter element is sealed in a plastic bag.  These filters are surplus and the outer boxes are dusty from storage.  The filters inside the sealed plastic bag look like new.  There does not seem to be any damage from storage.  I am using these filters on my jeeps!  

These filters are much better made than the cheaper filters found at parts stores for $16.00 or more.  These oil filter elements have heavy duty filter material internally.  This filter is fully wrapped with heavy duty metal (don’t settle for one of the cheap paper filters!) The rubber seals at the top and bottom of the filter are still in excellent condition.  This filter element comes with a rubber seal for the canister lid.  The rubber lid seal is actually the correct size for the military junior canister lid, heavy duty rubber, and in excellent condition.

You should do a bit of measuring before purchasing this element.  It is common for the filter canister on some military jeeps to be incorrect due to swapping over the years.  This filter element measures 4 1/4 inches wide and 5 inches tall.  If your jeep has an oil filter canister from a tractor or later model CJ2 or CJ3 jeep, it will be smaller and this filter element will not fit.  The standard military junior filter canister measures 5 inches wide at the top (with the lid off).  The standard military junior filter canister is sometimes marked “MILITARY STANDARD FILTER” on the top of the lid.  Measure before you buy or call me!

This filter element is a direct replacement for the Fram C21, Wix 51080, Napa 1100 and AC P115.  This filter element has many applications besides military vehicles.


  • MB / GPW
  • M38
  • M38A1
  • M170
  • Dodge M37

Item #P115, Oil Filter Element NOS, $8.95.