Ford GPW Front Axle Assembly

Axle is Sold

Ford GPW Front Axle Assembly


Has several F marked parts visible.  Inspection cover and bolts are F marked.  Ring and pinion main caps and bolts are F marked.  Suspect that ring and pinon are F marked.

I took off the inspection cover and gears looked good.  Gear teeth are sharp and straight.  No pitting visible.  Gears try to turn, but hang up.  I suspect that the brakes are stuck.  I can hear the axle inside trying to turn, but hanging up at wheel hub area.  Will certainly need TLC.  I think there are enough F marked parts on this to cover the asking price.

Looks like the brakes have been updated to 11 inch from standard 9 inch.  Easily put back to 9 inch or use with 11 inch brakes.

Ask about shipping if shipping is required.  Local pickup OK near Bentonville, Arkansas.

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