WWII NOS US Army Cotter Pin Kit

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NOS Cotter Pin Kit, $8.99

This item is an original WWII vintage US Army cotter pin kit.  Originally produced to be supplied in the spare parts kit of the WWII USA military vehicles including the Willys MB and Ford GPW army jeeps.  Also included in the spare parts kit of many other military vehicles including the Dodge and GMC trucks, tanks, airplanes, etc.  

These cotter pin kits are 100% original, WWII vintage, and made in USA.  These were still sealed inside cosmoline cartons and packed in wood crates when I found them.  Each individual kit of cotter pins are packed in a US Army marked box and the pins are in a wax envelope.  Each cotter pin has a light coating of oil on it which has preserved these pins for over 70 years.

You are buying one kit which includes 75 assorted cotter pins.  I did count the contents of one of the kits and it was exactly 75 pins.  If you have a WWII or other vintage military vehicle, you will need some cotter pins at some point.  This is an economical way to have a good assortment of cotter pins on hand and they will be the correct vintage for your vehicle!  No made in china stuff here!  A must have for your vehicle spare parts or tool kit.

Original Military Part Stock Number:  42-P-5347

NOS US Army Cotter Pin Kit, $8.99.