6 Volt Fuel Gauge, WWII Style

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6 Volt Fuel Gauge, WWII Style, $39.50

This item is a very high quality new production 6 volt fuel gauge.  Made in USA.  Correct style for the WWII jeeps (Willys MB and Ford GPW).  Also very usable on the, CJ2A, CJ3A, trucks, etc.  The bezel (outer ring) comes already painted in the correct color OD green.  

You have countless options for replacement gauges for your WWII era vehicle.  All others are completely wrong.  When compared to an original WWII era fuel gauge, this one is spot on accurate.  Look at the way the needle comes through the face plate on this gauge and then compare it to the cheap imports from India and China where the needle is attached to the face plate like a dial or clock.  Don’t buy a gauge that you have to paint the bezel on. This gauge is high quality, accurate, and the most accurate reproduction gauge you will find for your WWII jeep or truck.  This IS NOT an Omix-Ada brand imported item!

NOTE:  Most WWII vehicles used 6 volt gauges originally.  This is a 6 volt gauge for use in vehicles that have NOT been converted to 12 volt.  This gauge is not correct for a 12 volt system (see my other items for a 12 volt gas gauge).


  • Willys MB
  • Ford GPW
  • CJ2A
  • CJ3A
  • Many Others
  • 6 volt application only

Item #A-8184 6 volt, $39.50, 6 Volt Fuel Gauge WWII Style.