MB / GPW Tires

Non Directional Tread (NDT) Military Tires.  Correct for your vintage WWII MB or GPW army jeep.

600 x 16 4 ply  $112.95 each (subject to change)

Made in the USA and brand new.  The tires are made by Speciality Tires of America and are correct for your vintage WWII MB or GPW army jeep.  These tires are also correct for the WWII 1/4 ton Jeep trailers such as the Willys MB-T or Bantam T3.  We stock the 4 ply as they provide a more satisfactory ride. The six ply tires may be a better choice for you if you intend to cary heavy loads in your 1/4 ton trailer.  Factory fresh and in stock now.

NDT (non directional tread) tires have the correct square shoulder on the tread.  This tread design is correct for the following vehicles.

1941-1945 Willys MB

1942-1945 Ford GPW

All WWII 1/4 ton Jeep Trailers

1945-1949 Willys CJ2A