Willys MB or Ford GPW Steering Wheel Green

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Willys MB or Ford GPW Green Steering Wheel,  $60.00,  Item #A535.

This item is a very high quality new production steering wheel.  Correct for Willys MB or Ford GPW WWII jeeps.  

Very high quality steering wheel will complete your authentic restoration project!  Steering wheel has groves on the top side and finger grips on the bottom side just like the originals.  Very high quality olive drab green color.  Color is not painted on, but cast into the wheel.  Excellent reproduction of the original Sheller steering wheel.  Approx diameter is 17 inches.

You will be very pleasantly surprised with the high quality of this item.


  • Ford GPW
  • Willys MB

Green Steering Wheel, Willys MB or Ford GPW.  $60.00.