Willys L134 Copper Head Gasket


L134 Copper Head Gasket, #555C,  $35.00





This item is a very high quality new production and MADE IN THE USA! copper head gasket.  Correct for Willys MB or Ford GPW WWII jeeps as well as Willys CJ2A, CJ3A, and M38 with the L134 4 cylinder flat head jeep engine.  Not correct for the F134 jeep engine.  Call if you have any questions!

Very high quality copper head gasket.  Made in the USA.  Every other modern head gasket for the Willys jeep engines are imported from either China or India.  Most of the imported head gaskets are very low quality and simply fail quickly after installed.  I’ve seen some imported head gaskets that don’t even fit at all.  They hangover into the cylinder bore which will cause failure immediately.  Changing a head gasket is too big of a job and too important to use anything other than the very best.  

These head gaskets are the best made and are in fact the only choice if you want the gasket to work.   

These are factory fresh gaskets and not 60 year old military surplus.  Don’t put an imported or a 60 year old gasket in your jeep.  The job of head gasket replacement is too time consuming to use anything other than the best.  

You will be very pleasantly surprised with the high quality of this item.  

This is not a cheap import item.  Not Omix-Ada brand.  This gasket is made in the USA.

Install using a spray-on sealant like K & W Copper Coat or Permatex Copper Spray-A-Gasket.  Always re-torque, no short-cuts.

Application:  Any Willys L134 4 Cylinder Jeep Engine

  • 41-45 MB
  • 42-45 Ford GPW
  • 46-49 CJ-2A
  • 49-53 CJ-3A
  • 50-52 M38
  • 46-49 Truck
  • 46-49 Station Wagon
  • 48-49 Jeepster

L134 Cylinder Head Gasket,  Item #555C,  $35.00