Mirror Arm w/ Bracket. USA!

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WWII Mirror Arm with Bracket, $28.00

This item is a very high quality new production rear view mirror arm with mounting bracket.  Made in USA.  Correct style for the WWII jeeps (Willys MB and Ford GPW).  Comes already painted in OD flat green.  The mounting bracket has 3 holes top and 3 holes bottom which is correct and unique to the WWII jeeps.  The M38 and CJ2A jeeps only had two holes top and two holes bottom on the mounting bracket.  No reason you cannot use this on an M38 or CJ2A if you choose to but authentic and correct for the MB and GPW WWII jeeps.

This arm and bracket are much better and higher quality than the imported versions on the marked today.  Don’t settle for an import.  This USA version is much superior.

If you are doing an accurate restoration on a WWII jeep, this is the one for you.  You will be disappointed with the imports!


  • Willys MB
  • Ford GPW

Item #Mirror Arm w/Bracket, $28.00