Willys M38 Body Tub / SOLD


Willys M38 Body Tub For Sale.  $600


Includes all attached hardware and talilgate.  A very nice body tub for your restoration project!

Front floor will need attention.  Some of the hat channels are nice and solid, other areas are in need of replacement.  Front floor panel will need patching or replacement.  The tool box area inside the jeep is nice and solid, especially where the tool box attaches to the floor.  Tool box floor will need some work.  Rear floor looks good from the top and bottom.  Wheel wells are good.  Both of the side steps look solid.  The tub will need some repairs but if you are working on an M38 restoration, this tub is a good tub for your project.  This tub needs work but is much better than most M38 tubs.

(click on below images for a larger view!)